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“Bill Evans is an expert in the field of railroad risk transfer and insurance.

He spent 10 years working for me at Union Pacific as Senior Director of Risk Management. His knowledge and leadership saved the company millions of dollars.

Because of his expertise, Mr. Evans was frequently called upon to assist with the contractual work associated with industry-wide efforts such as positive train control.

I believe that Mr. Evans can make a substantial contribution to any organization that wants to upgrade its contractual risk transfer and insurance operations.”

Warren B. Beach

Assistant Vice President, Finance-Insurance, Retired, Union Pacific Railroad Company

“Bill Evans (CRT) is highly experienced and skillful at transferring risk of loss to commercial insurers. CRT helped KCT evaluate its insurance contractual risk transfer practices compared to the railroad industry’s best practices, and implement the needed changes to align KCT’s practice with the industry’s best practice. As a result, KCT’s contracting process has been streamlined, it now enjoys reduced resistance from shippers and contractors to its insurance requirements, and KCT is confident that when losses occur, and we know they will, that it is much more likely to obtain the defense and indemnity it is counting on from commercial insurers.

In short, I would consider any company very lucky to have CRT join the team. Applying its CRTC10TN contractual risk management tools is a virtual shoo-in for creating the atmosphere and structure necessary to lower the total cost of risk, and for maximizing recovery from commercial insurance.”

Shawn Lauby

Senior Manager Real Estate & Insurance, Kansas City Terminal Railway

“I want to express my appreciation for your outstanding service as a consultant and advisor to Heuristic Actions, Inc. over the past year. You have helped us gain a better understanding of the railroad industry and railroad risk management, and most especially of the vital role played by insurance and insurance providers. You have provided many introductions to key industry leaders and helped us understand the context in which they work. This has substantially improved our ability to anticipate and meet customer needs. Your assistance and expertise in these areas has been of great value to our company and have greatly exceeded our expectations.”

Jim Lochry

President, Heuristic Actions, Inc.

“A highly respected risk manager, Bill will consult and advise on contractual risk transfer methodology and execution for MGR’s railway clients and prospects. Jim Beardsley, head of Marsh Global Rail commented, “Adding Bill’s experience with contractual risk transfer implementation and execution has enormous potential in reducing our client’s total cost of risk. Our consulting arrangement with Bill enhances our product offering and significantly deepens our total cost of risk reduction strategy.”

Jim Wolfarth

Senior Vice President, MARSH

  • Warren Beach, Retired Vice President, Finance & Insurance, Union Pacific Railroad (402) 305-6281
  • Christopher (Chris) Bremus, Director Risk Management, Norfolk Southern (757) 629-2687
  • Shawn Lauby, Senior Manager Real Estate and Insurance, Kansas City Terminal Railway, (913) 551-2127
  • Jim O’Hara, Senior Vice President, Marsh Global Rail Group (312) 627-6715
  • John Durante, Senior Vice President Marsh Global Rail Group (314) 342-2619
  • Tyrone (Ty) R. Childress, Partner, Jones Day (213) 243-2422
  • Robert (Bob) Belt, Vice President Law, Union Pacific Railroad bnbelt@up.com
Additional reference available upon request.