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CRT Consulting, LLC (CRT) was created because the railroad industry wanted access to CRTC10TN. CRTC10TN is the copyrighted trade name of a comprehensive contractual risk transfer methodology for railroads created by Bill Evans, CRM, CIC President of CRT. Railroads that have employed CRTC10TN have recovered millions of dollars from insurers that otherwise would have been lost.

William C. Evans, CIC, CRM


William (Bill) Evans is the owner of CRT Consulting, LLC (CRTC). CRTC is a consultant to railways advising them how to manage exposures to risk of loss, and fund the indemnification they are seeking from others in a contract.

Mr. Evans has over 25 years insurance experience as a risk management consultant, agency owner, managing officer for a large national insurance broker, and most recently as Senior Director of Risk Management for Union Pacific Railroad Corporation. Mr. Evans also has many years of experience as a logistician managing ocean ports, container and chassis fleets, and nationwide trucking operations as Vice President and General Manager of Container Freight Corp. He also has many years of experience planning for and managing railroad operations as a senior officer in the US Army Transportation Corp.

During his years as the managing officer in Nebraska and Iowa of a nationwide insurance brokerage and consulting firm, he achieved record sales and growth. His successful acquisition of new agencies doubled the firm’s Nebraska and Iowa revenue. During his years at the Union Pacific Railroad, he managed the railroad’s worldwide insurance programs and served as Vice President of its captive insurance companies. He led its contractual risk transfer efforts with several hundred contractors, vendors, state and federal regulatory agencies, and connecting freight and passenger line railroads. He developed, implemented, and managed the railroad industry’s first “rolling wrap-up” insurance program during construction of the world’s second largest rail yard at Santa Teresa, NM. He was an industry leader working with worldwide insurance markets to develop the increased liability insurance capacity needed to manage the industry’s exposure to risk of loss created by the USDOT’s requirement that railroads carry poisonous and toxic cargos. Because of his risk management knowledge and expertise he was frequently called upon by other railroads to assist with railroad industry-wide efforts such as positive train control. His leadership at Union Pacific Railroad saved many millions of dollars.

  • Bachelors Degree, University of Nebraska at Omaha
  • Masters Degree, Central Michigan University
  • Graduate Degree, US Army Command and General Staff College
  • Completed numerous senior executive leadership and management programs with the US Army, Wells Fargo Insurance, and Union Pacific Railroad Company
Presentations and Speaking
  • Railroad Insurance Management Association Convention, “Lower Your Total Cost of Risk”, September 2014.
  • Railway Age Symposium – Passenger Trains on Freight Railroads, “Building Better Business Relations among Freight and Passenger Carriers,” October 2015.
  • American Shortline and Regional Railroad Association Convention, “Transferring Risk of Loss by Contract,” April 2016.
  • “CRTC10TN INSIGHTS”, CRT Consulting LLC’s monthly newsletter focusing on helping railroads obtain the defense and indemnity they are counting on from commercial insurance.
  • Co-author of: “CHANGING BUSINESS STRATEGIES TO REDUCE THE TOTAL COST OF RISK”, James N. Michel, PE, Hon. ,AREMA, Senior Vice President, MARSH Global Rail Practice. William C. Evans, President, CRT Consulting LLC, retired Senior Director of Insurance Union Pacific Railroad Company.