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CRT Consulting, LLC Helps Protect Your Railroad’s Financial Health

Here’s how we can benefit you:

Lower Your Total Cost of Risk


  • Reduces liability insurance premiums.
  • Increases recovery from commercial insurers.
  • Assures coverage is equal to indemnity.
  • Assures required insurance limits are equal to the risk of loss.
  • Streamlines the contractor and vendor selection and contracting process.
  • Avoids uninsured losses.
  • Prevents courts from interpreting insurance requirements contrary to the railroad’s intentions.
  • Defeats today’s commercial insurance culture of delay, deny, and defend.
  • Reduces litigation cost.
  • Assures compliance.




Avoid Uninsured Losses

Employ a deliberate process for establishing insurance limits. Insurance limits that too low expose the railroad uninsured losses. Insurance limits that are too high waste dollars. An example of deliberate risk assessment process is the CRT Consulting, LLC’s Risk Assessment and Insurance Limits or (RAIL) Form model. The RAIL Form model considers a railroads Key Risk Indicators (KRI’s) for each activity or process, such as: complexity of operations, proximity to trains, duration, frequency on property, experience, and other KRI’s specific to the work to be performed. The model assigns values to each event and/or activity and when summed identifies coverage and limits consistent with any specific exposure to risk of loss.

Bulletproof Your Insurance Requirements

Because modern raiders using litigation, the media, and public pressure as their weapons have pillaged railroad treasuries. Bulletproofing its insurance requirements has become essential to protecting a railroad’s financial health. Bullet proofing means building up layers of protection:

Layer #1 – Evaluate
Layer #2 – Decide On A Risk Transfer Philosophy.
Layer #3 – Decide Where On The CRTC10TN Risk Transfer Protection Scale The Railroad Wants To Be.
Layer #4 – Perform a Risk Assessment.
Layer #5 – Build a Coverage Matrix.
Layer #6 – Carefully Craft Your Insurance Requirements.
Layer #7 – Have A Coverage Strategy.
Layer #8 – Prepare To Overcome Objections.
Layer #9 – Glue Everything Together With Supporting Case Law.
Layer #10 – Vigorously Enforce Compliance.

Railroads Risk the Loss of Millions of $$$ without CRTC10TN.

CRTC10TN is a contractual risk transfer methodology copyright by CRT Consulting, LLC that has proven to lead reliably to a desired result. A commitment to using CRTC10TN is a commitment to using all the knowledge and experience available to help assure recovery of liabilities falling within the indemnity provisions of a railroad’s contracts.

CRTC10TN has helped a number of railroads obtain recovery from commercial insurers that otherwise they would not have received. We can help you too.

Commercial insurance coverage represents a railroad’s best chance of recovery for liabilities falling within the indemnity provisions of its contracts. Failure to employ CRTC10TN when creating commercial insurance requirements puts that recovery at risk. WHY?

CRTC10TN is proprietary models, templates, processes, and documentation specifically designed, developed, and validated by CRT Consulting, LLC for railroads that will help:

  • 1. Avoid uninsured losses.
  • 2. Transfer risk at the lowest TCOR.
  • 3. Assure coverage is equal to indemnity.
  • 4. Streamline the contracting process.
  • 5. Build “Rock Solid” insurance clauses.
  • 6. Avoid vague & antiquated terminology.
  • 7. Defeat today’s delay, deny, & defend culture.
  • 8. Assure limits are equal to risk of loss.
  • 9. Bulletproof insurance requirements.
  • 10. Assure compliance.

CRTC10TN has consistently achieved results superior to those achieved by any other railroad industry contractual risk transfer practice(s); CRTC10TN is the railroad industry’s benchmark.

At no obligation, contact us to see how CRTC10TN protects your company’s treasury.